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Anabas technology enables a new class of interactive, rich-media collaborative applications that runs any time, anywhere on a broad range of wired and mobile devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, desktops, the next-generation smart-TVs and autombiles. The benefits of building on the Anabas platform include:
  • Lower cost and faster Time-to-Market - Anabas' collaboration framework facilitates easy and flexible development of collaborative applications requiring low integration cost and time. The end result is accelerated introduction and deployment of high quality interactive, rich-media collaborative products
  • Reliability, Accessibility, Serviceability and Security - Anabas-enabled collaborative applications enjoy the benefits of leveraging current Web, mobile, cloud computing and rich-media technologies in addition to Anabas' own innovations in these areas to fulfill stringent and/or sophisticated consumer products and enterprise applications requirements
  • Extensibility - Anabas' service-oriented architecture ensures Anabas-enabled collaborative applications have evolution paths for easy integration of new media components and capabilities to meet rapidly shifting market and technology trends
  • Pervasiveness - Anabas-enabled collaborative applications could seamlessly extend their business reach to a broad range of current and up-and-coming mobile platforms and devices

Anabas Collaboration Platform Technology Benefits:
  • Standards Based
    Anabas uses standards-based technology components when possible to ensure maximum interoperability with legacy and new products. Included among the standards Anabas supports are:
    • H.264 and SIP for video and VoIP
      H.264 and SIP compliance enables multimedia application interoperability among the desktops and mobile devices.
    • Message-based Service-oriented Architecture
      A J2EE-compliant message-based service-oriented architecture simplifiies system maintainability, reliability, and scalability.
  • Vertical Market Enabled
    The Anabas service-oriented architecture allows for rapid vertical market application development and deployment. It offers the benefit of flexible, quick and easy addition of features and functionalities into any collaboration applications. It is particularly well-suited for developing and deploying mobile and social-network apps that requires high-performance support for sharing and collaboration.
  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture
    Enabling the use of hybrid in-house secured private clouds with highly scalable global commercial public clouds, Anabas' hybrid cloud architecture makes it easy to deploy local and/or global applications that have stringent security and scalability requirements.

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